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Jade Solutions Ltd is an integral part of the international Econocom Group and has its roots in cabling and hardware sales.

Over the last 10 years or so, Jade has transitioned into a full service mobility and wireless provider, while the 2017 Econocom acquisition added the enhanced support of a €3bn organisation to their existing offering.

Jade’s experience enables them to understand their customers’ requirements in detail, and allows them to accurately specify best-of-breed solutions. Another key strength is the ability to rapidly deploy complex technical projects within a wide variety of mission critical environments, on time and within budget.

To support this model, Jade has invested heavily in industry leading technical specialists to enable its clients to be supported by an infrastructure of highly qualified personnel. Jade is renowned for its flexibility, long standing customer relationships and its ability to evolve quickly to changing markets and customer demands.

Our sales value proposition

The real time availability of mission-critical information enables public and private sector organisations to speed up their decision-making processes, boost the customer experience and create decisive competitive advantage.

Research shows that poor customer experience costs UK brands £234 billion a year in lost sales.

Jade has over 20 years of real-world experience – and using our tailored, in-house funding options enables access to accurate business information and the opportunity for customers to make speedier and more proactive decisions.

Research shows that providing timely, accurate data will increase productivity and enhance customer experience by between 20 and 30 percent.

Clarks Shoes in partnership with Jade, deployed our digital transformation solution.

Surpassing all expectations, they enabled over 600,000 customer engagements in the first year – improving customer experience, driving footfall, and increasing revenue.

What Our Customers say About Us

What Our Customers say About Us
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