3 ways how you can effectively manage social distancing on your site

Social distancing is a word that everyone is familiar with now – but no matter how much it’s mentioned, it is still an important factor in keeping your employees and customers safe when returning to work post lockdown. To reduce the spread of the virus, measures must be put into place to protect those related to your business including social distancing. However, this can come into effect immediately with Jade’s wide-range of technology solutions which allows you to put a wellness system in place whilst also getting your business back on track making it truly efficient.

1. QueueManagement

As the retail sector begins to open up again, it is vital that you can monitor queues to reduce social contact. Whether this is queueing for the tills, or simply waiting to get into your store – the Qmatic queueing system has everything you need to ensure a safe environment for your colleagues and customers.

Qmatic: How it works

Qmatic queuing system: How it works

With the Qmatic queuing system device you can monitor queue progress remotely reducing social contact. This mobile ticket is a browser-based solution that is as easy as scanning a QR code. By posting the QR code on your front door you make it possible for visitors to take their ticket without even entering your premises. A visitor may then wait in, for example, his or her car, comfortably monitoring queue progress. It’s that easy. By reducing face to face contact and practicing social distancing, you can be assured that you’re adhering to the recent guidelines – efficiently and stress- free.

2. Monitoring customer and employee flow

With many business employees returning to work, you must have the right technology in place to adhere to the recent guidelines and to ensure that their safety comes first. Whether this be in the construction, retail, education or healthcare sectors – you must consider the wellness of those throughout your business. Because of this, Jade understands that it can be challenging for your business to monitor how many people enter your store, or, how many of your employees are working in a specified area.

















Ensuring social distancing on your site

Protecting both staff and customers alike to relieve on-site anxiety, Jade supplies a camera tech device which ensures a social-safe occupancy and allows you to stagger on-site hours meaning that your volume of customers and employees can be monitored effectively, therefore making the enforcement of social distancing guidelines easier.

3. Reducing face to face contact

As uncertainty surrounds the re-opening of businesses, you must be equipped with the latest resources to relieve customer and employee anxiety. This includes reducing face to face contact where possible and offering a reliable solution to make those on your premises feel safe. Whether your business is healthcare or retail- based, you must put measures in place to keep your employees and customers at ease.

Protection Shield

Pictured: Guardiant Shield

Using a medical guardiant as supplied by Jade, allows you to create a barrier between your employees and the customer for safe social distancing. The medical Guardiant is ideal for healthcare settings such as; GP surgeries, dental, and pharmacies as well as providing a handy solution for retail business in the supermarket and convenience store sectors. Therefore, reducing the spread of germs from coughing or sneezing, this shield ensures that those on your site are kept safe and relieves any anxiety which may occur.

Picking the right solution which is best for your business

covid-19 technology solutions

COVID-19 technology solutions

Social distancing made easy

At Jade Solutions, we understand that the current guidelines put into place as a result of COVID-19 can be daunting – especially ensuring that social distancing is adhered to. However, keeping your staff and customers safe is a vital part of the success of your business post-COVID-19. With Jade’s range of unrivalled solutions, you can be assured that you have the right technology you need to get your business back on track hassle-free. Don’t wait to keep the wellness of those onsite at the forefront of your business – find out more.