Econocom launches solution to improve retail customer experience

With Jade Solutions now being part of the Econocom Group, Jade are excited to be able to offer the new Econocom Retail solution.



“Econocom Retail” integrates online and offline technology in one unique solution

Jade Econocom’s dedicated retail solution – Econocom Retail – is designed to align the online and offline technology elements of the customer buying journey. The solution was developed as part of the Group’s wider strategic approach that focuses on placing the technology end-user at the heart of any digital transformation project.

The new solution allows retailers to offer customers a unique, connected and seamless experience through a digital partner. This 360° solution connects the different phases of retail projects (ideation, procurement, implementation, maintenance and replacement) via an as-a-service model, allowing retailers to benefit from total subscription freedom.

Technological advances have empowered users and offered them different ways of consuming. Smart phygital — the combination of physical and digital — is changing the face of retail with a demand for seamless online and offline experiences. Econocom Retail is the answer to this new shopping approach and is an end-to-end solution connecting retail technology across the entire customer journey (before, during and after the buying process).

In the UK, the offer will be brought to the market by Jade | Econocom, an expert company in customer experience in omnichannel and that specialises in deploying new technologies and solutions for the retail, transport and logistics sectors. Jade | Econocom works with leading retailers such as McDonald’s, Pret-a-Manger and Clarks.

Chris Labrey, Managing Director UK and IRL of Econocom says: “Econocom Retail answers the gap in the market caused by the merging of the physical and digital elements of the consumer buying journey. This is a unique opportunity for UK retailers to transform from multichannel to unified retail and to take a user-centric approach.’’

Mark Brackley, Managing Director of Jade | Econocom comments: “With digital covering the complete customer journey from geo-marketing and queue management to guest Wi-Fi and data analytics, Econocom Retail helps retailers reinvent their strategy and have the data they need to understand their customers’ behaviours and personalise their experience.’’

Retail showrooms from Econocom will open in different locations to illustrate the breadth of the Econocom Retail offer and show how taking an integrated approach through the entire customer journey can transform the shopping experience.

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