Jade Solutions secure four major retail brands for WiFi and guest WiFi services

Jade Solutions is proud to announce four big client wins in the retail sector to supply WiFi solutions to more than 3,000 stores throughout the UK, across four different retailers.



The wins are worth over £5 million in total spread across the four major retailers. Jade Solutions will strategically implement and manage WiFi and Guest WiFi services for each of the locations implementing over 5,000 wireless access points.

Jade solutions has more than 20 years of experience supplying hardware, software, services and support to the retail sector. With that time, has come a unique understanding of the demands of retail businesses and their customers. As a result, Jade has tailored solutions allowing retailers to gather valuable customer data while offering customers the high-quality WiFi solutions they have come to expect. Solutions such as Jade’s Guest WiFi turns in-store Wi-Fi networks into an added value, whilst personalising the customer experience and enhancing their retail journey.

Across the 3000+ venues, Jade will implement solutions that allow the retailers to capture personalised visitor interactions, promote offers, drive increased footfall and build customer loyalty. They will also be responsible for the implementation and management of the retailers’ internal WiFi services.

Jade’s Guest Wi-Fi solution restricts the user’s access to see only what the retailer wants them to see, giving the retailers complete control, while users enjoy a fast, secure, uninterrupted connection that is tailored to them. The Guest Wi-Fi service also allows for analytics, including how long consumers spend in-store and how often they visit, giving the retailers valuable insight to be able to improve the customer experience.


Mark Berry, Sales and Marketing Director at Jade Solutions says:

“We are proud to announce these significant client wins and excited to implement our WiFi solutions across the four brands and their 3,000+ retail locations in order to help them bring their customers a unique service designed to engage and bring customers back to the store. Jade’s WiFi solutions offer complete control and invaluable insights for the retailers, and a flawless WiFi experience for the users.”