Jade Solutions wins large Zebra Wearables contract

Jade Solutions announce the signing of a significant Zebra Wearables contract with one of the UK’s leading third-party logistics companies who in turn are working with one of the UK’s largest high street retailers.


The leading logistics company runs the Food Delivery Service contract across eight regional UK Warehouse sites and has done for a considerable number of years.

In the past, Jade Solutions have supplied a Zebra Wearable hardware solution to four of their eight regional UK Warehouse sites. The project introduced voice picking devices used by the warehouse pickers to allow them to receive voice instructions on what products to pick, as well as a connected ring scanner to enable them to scan the products into the correct cages per their clients’ request. The solution has delivered incredibly high accuracy and productivity benefits for this client.

This new project is to replace 497 X Vocollect Talkman voice picking devices across the other four warehouse sites which will give the client a standard hardware solution across all of the eight sites running the warehouse site contract. The existing Vocollect Talkman devices are at the end of their service. As a result, the sites using this equipment have experienced downtime due to hardware failure which has a negative impact on the site productivity.

The 497 replacement devices are Zebra WT41N0 wearable devices and RS419 ring scanners. They come with a 3-year support contract to enable devices to be returned quickly in the event of any damage or faults. An additional 100 Ring Scanners were also purchased for one of the existing warehouses.

Jade Solutions are configuring the devices on a site by site basis, with a software gold build previously created and using the Ivanti Avalanche MDM software to manage the roll out to the four sites.

The devices will work with the Vocollect Voice software which is currently deployed at 7 of the sites. One of the sites presently uses the Ivanti Speakeasy voice software with was previously deployed by Jade Solutions, upgrading the hardware allows the logistics company and their client a standard future proof hardware solution across all sites, should they wish to move more of the sites onto the Speakeasy software solution in the future.

The total project value is over £800,000 and will be rolled out across April and May 2019.