Important product recall information for Zebra Printers

Zebra has expanded its recall of power supply units (PSU) that initially took place in December 2016 to include further Zebra printers models.

Following that voluntary recall, the business has received some additional reports of occurrences such as melted connectors and small fires.

Some of these relate to models and date ranges beyond the scope of their original communications and now includes PSUs manufactured by the FSP Group between October 2006 and the end of 2012.

These were included with the sale of Zebra printers or sold as after-market kits and will be replaced at no extra cost to you once identified – this includes shipping.

The newly added Zebra printer models affected by the expanded recall are listed below:

  • GC420D/T
  • G-Series (GK420D/T, GX420D/T, GX430D/T)
  • GK888D/T
  • GT Series (GT800, GT810, GT820, GT830)
  • HC100
  • LP/TLP Series (2724, 2824, 2824Z, 2824 Plus, 2844, 2844Z, 3742, 3842, 3844Z)
  • P1XX Series (P100, P110, P120)
  • R2844Z
  • R402
  • ZP455
  • ZXP3

Zebra is confident that the issue isn’t associated with these Zebra-manufactured printers or their AC power cords – just the PSUs themselves.

If you believe you purchased an affected model, contact us to discuss your available options or read more details on the Zebra site.