Qmatic – powered by Jade Solutions


When the leading customer journey management provider identified the need for a technology partner, Jade Solutions was the perfect fit.

Qmatic’s ‘Orchestra’ software platform connects people to services and improves customer experiences, via self-service touchscreen kiosks, digital screens and smartphone notifications.

Managing director Vanessa Walmsley highlighted the need for ensuring resilience and reliability in digital solutions:

‘To create effective, efficient and reliable customer interactions, connectivity is essential.

‘Qmatic want to be able to offer a market-leading service at its best, which means not risking being reliant on publicly accessible networks.’

Positive networking

Jade Solutions sales director Mark Berry detailed how they were able to address these issues, commenting:

‘In a hospital, for example, Qmatic will always work amazingly, because customer needs dictate how it is deployed.

‘Being able to announce your arrival, arrange appointments, receive directions, get waiting times and so on are invaluable for users.

‘So Qmatic saves valuable resources and contributes to positive experiences, making it indispensable.

‘Which means the hospital integrates the platform with their most reliable and secure network – but in other environments it’s not as simple.

‘For banks or retail premises, partnering with Jade made more sense than trying to achieve the same level of integration with in-house ICT teams.’

Solving pain points

The new partnership means that Qmatic deployments in customer environments will incorporate unrivalled reliability.

From local government services to ‘click & collect’ in shops, the user experience will be more ‘VIP’ than ever.

Best-in-class technology that reacts to business trends, backed by unrivalled connectivity and network speeds results in happier customers.

Vanessa commented on her satisfaction with the partnership, saying:

‘We believe it’s important to make it easy for our customers to buy from us and receive the high standard of service they deserve.

‘Part of this includes finding partners who solve business pain points in an effective way.

‘By incorporating Jade Econocom connectivity in the Qmatic offering, we’re doing exactly this and offering our customers a robust solution.’