Samsung BOS modular subscription service launch

Peace of mind and performance

Recognising that ownership of mobile devices is an outdated model for many businesses, Jade and Econocom have introduced an innovative new subscription based service.

Samsung Business Optimisation Services (BOS) – is a flexible and personalised offering, designed to deliver more benefits than buying and owning a device.

Although numerous tailored options are available, the Samsung BOS standard package includes, over a 24-month subscription period:

  • Mobile devices
  • Efficient delivery
  • A next day swap warranty
  • Collection, wiping and recycling of mobile devices

All supported by further available benefits such as device transfers, incident management cover, collection of kit and a helpdesk service.

No burden of ownership

Mark Berry, sales director for Jade, commented on the thinking behind the creation of the Samsung BOS offering:

‘For anything from films to cars, the idea of personal ownership is becoming less of a requirement – even less of a desire – for many people.

‘This is also true in businesses, where the ownership of mobile devices and all the associated costs and hassle have made way for the flexibility and effectiveness of subscriptions.

‘It’s easy to see why you’d rather pay to use high-quality Samsung products and benefit from all the associated customer services and support.

‘Especially when the alternative is to own something outright that loses value even if nothing goes wrong with it from a technical or damage standpoint.’

Find out more about Jade Econocom Samsung BOS subscriptions, download the BOS document as PDF or to talk about your specific business needs, please contact us.