Supporting operation efficiencies…

Supporting operation efficiencies through mobile computing technology

After a period of significant growth, a large wholesale group with numerous brands under their umbrella approached Jade, their incumbent supplier, about challenges they were facing. The client was experiencing decreases in operational and productivity efficiencies due to hardware failures which were causing interruptions in the picking operation, as a result of their ageing rugged mobile computing estate.




After some consultancy, it was concluded that a hardware refresh for their retail supply chain distribution centre, complemented by a full managed service contract would meet their requirements. Jade delivered over 1000 rugged mobile computing devices – a mixture of wearables, hand-held terminals and fixed-mount mobile computers, along with a full-service support agreement, which included a critical next-day swap for any damaged or failing devices.

Delivering rugged hardware

Delivering such a large number of new mobile computing devices is no easy feat. Refreshing hardware isn’t as simple as swapping devices. The latest generation of devices had new firmware versions and different scan engines, which meant that Jade had to design and build optimal configurations for the new hardware in order to get the best performance in the distribution centre. Jade brought together our best and brightest technical experts to design “the gold build” for these devices.

Working within the food and beverage sector, these devices had to be heavy duty, capable of handling both chilled and ambient environments as well as 24/7, 365 shift patterns.

After fully understanding the business and technical requirements, passing the design and test phase, the devices went into the production environment. The client’s IT team distributed the devices to the sites, following training and before going live. Once live, all of the devices were recognised on Jade’s support and asset tracking system, ensuring efficient support from the service desk from the outset.

As part of the managed services contract, Jade manages a device swap-out for any devices in need of repair. This service guarantees the client a replacement device the next day; one that is fully configured and ready to work straight out of the box, minimising downtime.

Beating the competition

Although the client, as part of a larger organisation, had the opportunity to work directly with the manufacturer, much to our delight and a credit to the strength of our relationship, as well as our ability to consistently offer a reactive, flexible and agile solution, elected to appoint Jade as the supplier of choice.

The end results

Since the new device implementation, operationally the client noted a significant decrease in support calls and a big increase in uptime, which in turn has led to improved efficiency. From an operative’s perspective, they enjoyed an improved day to day user experience, less interruptions and improved efficiency, all thanks to the new hardware.


Jade has over 20 years of real-world experience which enables us to understand our customers’ requirements in detail and allows us to accurately specify best-of-breed solutions.