Uncertain times does not have to mean uncertain business: Returning to work after COVID-19

Businesses are expected to consider a number of factors in the next few weeks including the importance of managing the fear and uncertainty of customers and protecting the well-being of employees. Building a sense of trust within your customer base is essential. One of the most notable challenges will be adapting to social distancing within your business premises and moving into a totally different trading world.


Here at Jade, we understand that times are challenging. Keeping abreast and understanding how your business can operate within the social distance guidelines may seem daunting. To support you in this new era of change, Jade offer solutions that can help your business get up and running whilst helping to protect your staff and customers.

In the current climate, Jade recognises there is a sense of uncertainty that surrounds businesses – which is why we have put together some of our highest quality solution devices to help implement all of the changing guidelines, ensuring you are able to concentrate on what’s most important – getting your business back on track and the guaranteeing the wellbeing of both your employees and customers.


Social Distancing

Especially within the retail hospitality and healthcare sectors, abiding by the government’s social distancing guidelines is going to be imperative for the foreseeable future. Key considerations of social distancing include queue management, reducing the spread of infection and customer flow.

As a premier solution partner of Qmatic, Jade is able to offer Qmatic’s queue management system which allows you to monitor queue progress remotely, therefore reducing social contact. Visitors can also follow their queue progress on their own mobile device, from wherever they are located, enabling them to wait safely and remotely outside your premises. The Qmatic queuing system supports improved hand hygiene and social distancing, major factors for slowing the spread of COVID-19.

About: Qmatic queueing system

Reducing the spread of COVID-19 on your premises

Although businesses are now beginning to operate again, there is still the uncertainty that anyone can carry the virus into your premises. Our human body temperature system helps alleviate this sense of the unknown by offering an unrivalled solution across a range of business environments including; airports, railway stations, hospitals and schools.

Being able to accurately measure when a person is of a high temperature (a key symptom of COVID-19), this system can help reassure customers, giving them a stress-free experience. With easy installation and flexible deployment, this handy piece of equipment efficiently tracks the temperature of your customers and employees whilst ensuring social distancing with a maximum measurement distance of 3 metres.


Body temperature cameras

Human body temperature system: how it works


Relieving anxiety and monitoring customer flow

In order to follow the government’s social distancing guidelines, it’s essential that your business monitors how many people enter your store, or alternatively how many of your employees are working in a specified area. Protecting both staff and customers alike to relieve on-site anxiety, the camera tech device ensures a social- safe occupancy and allows you to stagger on-site hours. For those businesses in the retail sector, this system can assist with maximising customer flow and putting social-safe shopping hours into place by verifying your customers’ age meets the designated shopping hour criteria (for example, older people).

Picking the right solution that is best for your business.


covid-19 technology solutions

COVID-19 technology solutions


We’re here for you.

Here at Jade, we understand that there are a number of issues that businesses will have to face in the transition out of lockdown alongside customer uncertainty. Jade has been working with some of the biggest names on the high street for nearly 35 years, supplying hardware, software, service and support. With our expertise and highest quality partners, we have a vast range of solutions available. We will recommend the best and right solution for your business. Linking up end to end solutions, we will help protect your team, customers and get your business back on track post COVID-19.

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