Windows Embedded CE end of life

Windows Embedded CE end of life support – are you ready?

Windows CE end of life

If your business currently only uses rugged mobile devices with Windows embedded operating systems, you’re already behind the competition.

With Microsoft ending software support from 2018-2020, you may need to transition to other systems – if you’ve not already.

But if you haven’t, it’s not too late – help is available to switch from Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld.

While some of the info from Microsoft has been a bit impenetrable, a timeline of significant dates has been made public.

  • Apr-June* 10 2018: End of life for Windows Embedded CE 6.0
  • June 9 2019: End of life for Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld
  • January 14 2020: End of life for Windows Embedded 6.5 Handheld

So, not long at all until major changes could be required for your mobile devices – but that’s could be, not necessarily will be.

Which mobile devices will be affected?

Even if you’re concerned your business may be reliant on devices that run this software, you may not need to panic just yet.

Some available devices will run both Android and Microsoft software and may not require a complete upgrade strategy.

The shelving of some software doesn’t definitely mean that a device becomes useless, many may still be viable.

But if you’re unsure, the simplest way to determine what – if anything – you need to do is to speak to an expert.

Should you switch to Android?

In the absence of a ‘like-for-like’ Microsoft replacement (if you do need to switch) deciding which operating system is important.

Even before the confirmation of the end of life support for the Windows OS, there was a case to be made for transition.

Mark Brackley, Jade Solutions’ managing director, explains the reasoning for businesses to move over to a more user-friendly system:

‘With almost everyone having a smartphone, it makes sense for rugged mobile devices to mirror a familiar user interface.

‘Touchscreen technology being part of everyday life means most operators can intuitively use an Android enabled device today.

‘You can see this reflected in the latest rugged mobile devices – many just look like a slightly more robust smartphone.’

This familiarity for users, coupled with accessibility for developers and hardware manufacturers gives Android a clear advantage.

But it’s not the only option – but with big changes on the near horizon, you should certainly be considering your available choices.

If you haven’t yet, don’t panic, clear and informative guidance from a mobile device specialist is all you need.

To discuss your rugged mobile device requirements after support for Windows CE ends, speak to our technical team.

Check Microsoft support information here.