Camera Tech

With many business employees returning back to work, it is essential that your staff have the right technology in place to adhere to the recent guidelines and to ensure that their safety comes first.

We understand that it can be challenging for your business to monitor how many people enter your store, or alternatively, how many of your employees are working in a specified area. Protecting both staff and customers alike to relieve on-site anxiety, the camera tech device ensures a social-safe occupancy and allows you to stagger on-site hours meaning that your volume of customers and employees can be monitored effectively. For those businesses in the retail sector, this system can assist with maximising customer flow and putting social-safe shopping hours into place by verifying your customers’ age meets the designated shopping hour criteria. Alternatively, this system can help those in construction businesses to adhere to distancing guidelines.

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How does it work?

The EveryAngle Camera Tech solution is ideal for a variety of business sectors. In retail, it can monitor in-store customer occupancy to maximise customer flow and alert staff when occupancy levels near or exceed safe limits ensuring the safety of your customers and employees. Additionally, it can also be used in the construction and warehouse sector to protect your staff in work and put distance controls into place.

Key Features


Social-Safe Occupancy

  • Monitor in-store customer occupancy to maximise customer flow
  • Display real-time occupancy to reassure customers and staff
  • Alert staff when occupancy levels near or exceed safe limits

Social-Safe Shopping Hours

  • Verify customers’ age meets designated shopping hour criteria
  • Alert staff when non-designated aged customers enter in-store

Social-Safe Checkouts

Monitor social distance spacing between customers to de-risk check-out experience

What does the Camera Tech include?

  • Alerts (Via SMS / WhatsApp and WebEx Teams)
  • Dashboards (Real-time stats / benchmarking/cumulative data)
  • Virtual Assistant (To answer any of your queries/ filter by instance / control your thresholds)
  • IoT integrations (Smart speaker / smart warning light)
  • Door access control (Signage triggering)

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Jade is here to support you and your business in these unprecedented times to deliver reliable solutions to alleviate any challenges that you may be facing due to the restrictions put into place as a result of COVID-19. Talk to one of our experts about how you can use the Camera Tech system to help your business.

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