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Our solutions give you total visibility and control over your delivery network.

Increase customer service:  real-time track and trace, total goods and driver visibility, informed response to customer queries, agile response to delivery exceptions

Reduce delivery disputes:  accurate identification and delivery records, complete management information, On Time in Full (OTIF) recognition

Increase cash flow:  accurate invoice generation immediately after delivery

Reduce costs:  automated workflows, better route planning and fuel efficiency, increased productivity, reduce stock loss in transit

Increase safety and compliance:  mandatory vehicle checks

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Today’s customers aren’t willing to accept a five or eight hour window for a collection or delivery.  Not only do they expect an exact arrival time, they want to be kept updated if that time changes.  Mobile delivery applications are now fundamental if companies are to stay competitive.  Electronic Proof of Delivery provides customers and organisations with real-time information on product deliveries, signatures, date/time/location data and even photo evidence of delivery damage.

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Our courier and delivery sales value proposition

The high customer expectation of delivery companies to achieve ‘On Time in Full’ deliveries creates significant pressure to meet ever increasing demands. Failure to achieve these can result in missed Service Level Agreements (SLA) and subsequently, lost contracts and revenue. Additionally, the increased costs of re-delivery range from £20 to £200.

Jade’s bespoke electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) solution facilitates a real-time audit trail, which provides accurate delivery status at each stage – including delivery time – allowing fulfilment of the SLA and retention of valuable contracts, while saving between £20 to £200 re-delivery costs.

Martin Brower utilises ePoD, which provides them with accurate real-time delivery and fulfilment data for their mission critical deliveries. The higher yield of ‘On Time in Full’ deliveries significantly improved customer satisfaction, while increasing profitability.