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Developed in consultation with key retail industry figures, it enabled early adopter, Clarks Shoes, to connect with over 600,000 customers in year one.
In a notable retail press piece, the business stated that the technology had:
‘…surpassed expectations, delivering improved consumers experiences, driving revenues, along with increased customer engagement.’


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How can CROWD help me?

CROWD retail Wi-Fi technology will enable you to better understand:

  • Customer insights
    Integrate Wi-Fi with your ERP and CRM data and increase revenues via cross brand and upsell opportunities.
  • Customer flow
    Discover how long your visitors stay and where they go, then tailor your promotional and cross zone activity accordingly.
  • Customer density
    See how many people are there and using the guest Wi-Fi at any time and measure if any store change had a positive or negative impact?


Try retail Wi-Fi with CROWD

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Two rich data sets are the enabler for the platform