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How will retail Wi-Fi benefit my business?

Rather than worry about customers moving away from physical shopping locations, you can take advantage of retail Wi-Fi technology to meet their needs.

By tapping into the power of precision data generated by retail Wi-Fi, you can can identify potential improvements, increase sales and please your customers.

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What can I learn from retail Wi-Fi?

Implementing retail Wi-Fiour CROWD platform can provide new insights, answer questions and other benefits, including:

  • Know how many shoppers pass by your location, how many enter and how long they stay
  • Assess queue times, staff to customer ratio and when certain numbers of staff are required in certain areas
  • Analyse customer ‘flow’ in terms of journey through the store, where they linger, where they ignore and where they return to
  • Compare any store with another locally, regionally, or nationally – see and compare area trends
  • Deliver personalised promotions to people as they enter your premises or even certain ‘zones’ in-store
  • Enable social media logins to increase brand visibility, plus potential reach via customer contact networks
  • Generate accurate, real-time reporting to produce meaningful pictures of business performance for internal stakeholders and external investors

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