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Solutions to reduce queuing time have steadily increased in demand over the past few years – but more so as a result of COVID-19. Recently, a growing number of businesses and their customers are now looking at ways to reduce human contact as much as possible to ensure their safety.

In a busy sector with huge demand, this can be especially challenging and can leave customers feeling unsettled. But, imagine an efficient solution that reduces human contact at the same time as controlling customer volume whilst ensuring that sales are not affected. With Flow-Thru, customers can easily collect their order with minimal contact – guaranteeing the safety of your customers and employees. Its two side mobile ordering system makes social distancing queues a thing of the past, meaning that your business can keep up with customer demand at the same time as delivering fantastic customer service.

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How does it work?

Offering a safe solution for click & collect retail purchases as well as takeaway orders, Flow Thru is the ideal system for your order volume and velocity. With the impact of COVID-19, customers are looking for a convenient solution that reduces face to face contact. With Flow Thru, you can get customers in and out of your business in seconds ensuring no waiting or queues which also reduces the volume of people on your site and the need for social distancing maintenance.

Key Features


It’s fast x2

Open compartments in the back save employees valuable time. Up front, customers scan their code and take their order in seconds.

Put orders in the spotlight

Customisable LED lighting guides associates and customers to the right compartment, at the right time.

Tough, inside and out

The Flow-Thru is IP34-rated, spill-resistant, and designed for easy clean-up. Each compartment has a removable spill tray that’s dishwasher-safe.

Training is fast, too

Familiar, user-friendly controls mean quick training for your staff. And an array of APIs means easy integration with your existing kitchen and/or ordering systems.

Have it your way

Start with countertop or floor models, then select colours, trade dress and indicator lights. You can even add a two-step collection for customer age verification.

Keep an eye on freshness

Set customisable order dwell time limits so you can ensure customers get fresh, delicious quality every time.

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See the details (and the big picture)

See real-time order and compartment data, and dive into trends like order collections and dwell time, compartment availability and more.

Flow-thru Tech Specs

Flow-thru Tech Specs

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Jade is here to support you and your business in these unprecedented times to deliver reliable solutions to alleviate any challenges that you may be facing due to the restrictions put into place as a result of COVID-19. Talk to one of our experts about how you can use Flow Thru to help your business.

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