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How can guest Wi-Fi help my business?

By using the power of guest Wi-Fi you can meet your customers’ needs by connecting with them via engaging, tailored content on their mobile devices.

This allows you to increase customer loyalty, keep them informed of current promotions and provide a more satisfying service.

Making happier customers through more cost-effective communication equals higher turnover and profits for your business.

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How does guest Wi-Fi work?

Whether you own a shop, bar or restaurant, guest Wi-Fi offers sharper understanding of your customers through data analysis.

Using market leading wireless technology, guest Wi-Fi allows you to engage with customers in a smarter, more targeted fashion.

Example opportunities include:

  • Real-time personalised promotional communication
  • Potential access to customer social media contacts, offering greater brand reach and visibility
  • Opportunities to maintain communication and visibility when customer is off-site
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Guest Wi-Fi analytics

The power and accuracy of guest Wi-Fi technology enables you to learn more about your customers, including:

  • Time spent on the premises
  • New or repeat customers
  • Footfall and traffic compared to other premises or time periods
  • Behaviour and time spent in different ‘zones’ of a single site
  • Effectiveness of promotional campaigns
    – plus much more.

Guest Wi-Fi successes

Another key advantage of the insights guest Wi-Fi can provide you is their scalability. You can view and easily interpret data for one site, regionally or even nationally to identify areas requiring attention.

See how guest Wi-Fi has already helped McDonalds and Clarks improve their service by harnessing the power of real-time business intelligence.

Try guest Wi-Fi yourself – for free!

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Well with no obligation, no risk and no disruption to your business – you can find out, free-of-charge – installation is easy and hassle-free.

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