Human Body Temperature cameras

Managing the health of your team and your customers can be challenging, however Jade offers an unrivalled solution that can help you and your team protect your customers.

With businesses beginning to operate again, there is still the uncertainty that anyone can carry the virus onto your premises. This is where the human body temperature system helps alleviate this sense of the unknown by offering an effective solution across a range of business environments including; airports, railway stations, hospitals and schools. In building and construction jobs, this effective system can ensure that your colleagues’ health is being monitored to keep your working environment safe.

Previously, preliminary screenings have been low in efficiency with manual temperature recordings being inefficient. With this handy device, you can ensure non-contact automatic temperature measurement and record abnormal temperature information automatically.

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How does it work?

Being able to accurately measure when a person is of high temperature (a key symptom of COVID-19), this system can help reassure customers, giving them a stress-free experience. With easy installation and flexible deployment, this handy piece of equipment efficiently tracks the temperature of your customers and employees whilst ensuring social distancing with a maximum measurement distance of 3 metres.

Key Features


High Accuracy: Temperature
measurement accuracy ±0.3°C

The accuracy is 0.3 degrees and can reach 0.1 degrees in specific indoor environments; this gives a real-time warning for those with an abnormal temperature. When the body temperature is higher than 37.3°C, it is considered abnormal body temperature, and there is a risk of coronavirus infection, which requires isolation for further treatment.

High Efficiency: Efficiency improved by 800%

The human body temperature camera has a higher efficiency rate than a traditional forehead thermometer. This allows for more customers to pass through the temperature testing area in a shorter, more efficient way than a traditional forehead thermometer.

Safe & Contactless Measurement:

Max. measurement distance 3m

With a maximum measurement distance of 3m, this device is in line with social distancing guidelines to avoid cross infections and protect the health of the medical workers.

Multi-target Measurement:

Up to 30 targets detected at the same time

Adding to the level of efficiency, up to 30 targets can be detected at one time. This can prevent long queues due to the high level of testing and improve customer and employee experience.

Intelligent Analysis:

Face mask detection accuracy >95%

The IVSS supports mask detection, face temperature measurement, data statistics/report export and other functions.

Flexible to Deploy:

Easy installation and flexible deployment

The thermal camera and the black body are mounted on the tripod, which means they don’t need to be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. In this way, the installation cost can be reduced significantly. The system is mobilizable, it can be moved to anywhere according to the requirements.

What does the Human Body Temperature camera include?

  • Temp measurement part (Blackbody and TPC-BF3221-T)
  • Accessories part (Camera power, tripod and connector)
  • Storage and analysis part (DHI-NVR5X-I and DHI-IVSS7X) – optional
  • Display part (22-inch 1080P Plastic DHL22-F600-S, 27/43/50/55-inch 4K Plastic LM27/43/50/55-F410 and 49/55-inch 4K Metal LM49/55-S400) – optional

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Jade is here to support you and your business in these unprecedented times to deliver reliable solutions to alleviate any challenges that you may be facing due to the restrictions put into place as a result of COVID-19. Talk to one of our experts about how you can use the human temperature camera system to help your business.

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