Whatever you’re manufacturing, Jade Solutions can provide your staff with the technology needed to streamline production lines, speed up picking and packing, and turbo-charge your workforces efficiency.


From wearable and vehicle-mounted devices that provide a hands-free mobile computer, to mobile and industrial printers, Jade’s team are skilled in connecting devices across large manufacturing sites so that your staff have access to the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Rugged Handhelds

Giving your in-store and warehouse-based staff the right tools will help them perform their job quicker, more accurately and more often. We provide the most reliable and rugged handheld computers available running your choice of Windows® or Android™ operating systems.

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Wearable devices

It might sound simple, but freeing-up both hands when working in a warehouse, production line or even in a retail environment can save thousands of hours in gained productivity time. From simple wrist-mounted computers to head-mounted displays and finger-mounted barcode readers, your teams can be equipped with the kit that makes their jobs simpler and more efficient.

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Mobile Printers

From 1D and 2D barcodes to human-readable text, there is and always will be the need for physical labels to be applied to items. Mobile printers are designed to be either carried or regularly moved around – being battery powered and always ready to print.

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Corporate Wi-Fi

We all take the availability of Wi-Fi for granted but having access to a reliable and secure network that works across multiple floors, multiple sites or vast warehouse spaces is challenging. Jade specialise in providing this level of connectivity – ensuring all your devices are connected all the time!

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People Management

Our people management solutions make it simple to record and manage the number of people on-site in real-time, ensuring you are providing a safe and secure working environment. This information can be presented to visitors as they arrive and warnings can be automatically sent to management if a maximum occupancy level is reached.


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Security cameras & CCTV

Using the latest in self-contained, intelligent security cameras you can now monitor your entire estate whenever and from wherever you are. With all data stored securely in the cloud, accessing, searching and retrieving live information has never been simpler.


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Industrial printers

Industrial printers are quite often the silent workhorse within a manufacturing site, quickly and accurately going about their business of providing human-readable and barcode/RFID automated labels.

Selecting the right printer for your site is really important, as making the wrong choice can lead to inefficiencies in your production, bottlenecks in your supply chain or an increase in rejections/returns due to poor quality label production.

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Structured data cabling

Even with the huge advances in wireless technology and mobile infrastructure, structured cabling (or data cabling) is still the backbone of most manufacturing sites, especially with more and more devices being connected to the cloud and transferring increasing amounts of data. We’ve been installing, configuring and supporting complex structured cabling projects for over 20 years – and it’s often a core component in our large-scale projects.

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5 reasons customers choose Jade

  1. All hardware is covered by our next day on-site engineer or device swap-out service
  2. Jade engineers specialise in installation without disruption to your day-to-day operations
  3. We are highly skilled in deploying technology at scale across huge factories and warehouses
  4. All devices (mobile and fixed position) are pre-configured and tested before we even arrive at your site, which minimises disruptions during installation
  5. With over 20 years’ experience, there likely isn’t a challenge we haven’t yet come across