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Introducing mobile devices begins to integrate all aspects of your business making it easier to manage, more streamlined and cost effective.

Greater control over your processes makes operational efficiency at its most optimum. Deadlines can be set and met. Deliveries, status updates and product numbers all available at the touch of a button. This makes your team’s job a lot easier and increases productivity.

Jade’s handheld devices are tailor-made to suit your industry’s needs. Accidental damage can be eliminated using shock-proof technology, saving you money on replacements. Even environmental conditions like heat, dust or rain are no concern. By partnering with leading hardware manufacturers, Jade is able to bring world-class mobile devices that can address the most demanding business problems. Providing power, no matter the condition.

Jade will deliver:

  • Rugged/industrial handheld computers with a wide range of devices for even the toughest environments
  • Fixed and vehicle-mounted computers built to last and known for their durability, usually fitted to forklifts, invaluable in warehousing and distribution centres
  • Charging cabinets and security solutions for 24-hour shift working