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To ensure your store, restaurant, warehouse or office is a compliant and safe place to visit, it has never been more important to have the ability to monitor the number of people you have within a particular location.

The Jade People Management solution is a flexible way to monitor your visitors and share live information with your staff and your customers, allowing them to make decisions on if and when they enter.

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Why you’ll love it

Monitor the number of people on-site

Get instant data on how many staff/customers are in the building/store right now and what the stats look like over set periods of time.

Identify ‘hot spots’
Use your historical data to understand where customers, visitors and staff congregate due to bottlenecks or congestion.

Provide feedback to your staff/customers
Low-cost, simple display screens can be installed that provide clear information on how many people are in the building/store – allowing them to make decisions on if/when they enter.

Manage your capacity
Set thresholds for the maximum number of people allowed in a location – automatically alerting staff when exceptions occur, enabling them to manage general health and safety with confidence and accuracy.

How it works

  1. Staff/customers/visitors approach the entrance of your building/store
  2. Optional screens show how many people are currently inside, if they can enter or, if they should wait, how long the wait time is
  3. Once they enter the building/store they are counted-in and the stats updated
  4. If there are ever more people in a space than is allowed, staff are automatically notified so that they can deal with the situation with confidence

Tech talk

Our people management solution operates using a combination of fixed-position traffic counting devices and intelligent cameras – with a 99% people detection accuracy. Information is relayed in real-time to a cloud-based system, allowing you to view your data whenever and wherever you may be. 

For customers that wish to relay information back to customers, dedicated display screens can be provided that provide an indication of how many people are currently in the store and any potential wait time before they can be admitted – keeping customers informed and able to make decisions as to when they enter.


Introducing Skyfii

Skyfii people counters and visitor intelligence platform provides you with all the tools you need to analyse visitor traffic across your various sites. We offer both indoor and outdoor people counting hardware and the associated cloud-based configuration and monitoring platform.

Talk to us about People Management

5 reasons why customers choose Jade

  1. We specialise in out of hours installations, minimising in-store disruption
  2. Our structured cabling team can ensure power and connectivity is installed and ready to go
  3. We only ever provide the highest quality equipment, designed to last in a 24-hour, 7 days a week environment
  4. All hardware can be covered by our next day on-site engineer or device swap-out service
  5. Additional hardware and screens can be added as required into the future

People management systems are more important today than they ever have been before, with the health and safety of customers and employees being the number one priority of most businesses.

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Karen, project team