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Engagement is a Necessity

The CROWD team have been particularly astute in consulting the retail industry when developing the solution.  They had found that 80 % of shoppers were willing to share personal information, over 50 % were interested in receiving in store offers and shoppers were receptive to in-store Wi-Fi with personalised engagement seen as a major positive.

The very fact Clarks have already engaged over 600,000 customers in year one via CROWD’s platform is a testimony to changing behaviour towards customer experience.

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How can this benefit me?

With the onset of new digital shopping experiences, it is hardly surprising that consumers have changed their shopping behaviour.  Retail trends over the past 10 years, show that brand loyalty is decreasing, with the consumer calling the shots. In short, consumers expect a whole lot more from their retail in-store experience in 2017.

Enter a new wave of in-store customer engagement and analytics technology, pioneered by leading brands like CROWD Wi-Fi.  Clarks Shoes, an early adopter of the CROWD technology, can testify to the impact, stating in the Retail press that the solution“ had surpassed expectations, delivering improved consumer experience, driving revenues, along with increased customer engagement”

No surprise then that the Retail world has been taking notice.

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How can we help?

CROWD can help you…

  1. Personalise and enhance your customer’s experience – Improving loyalty, retention and revenue.
  2. Connect the digital and in store physical shopping experience for customers.
  3. Understand the in-store shopping experience through an incredible array of analytics.
  4. Providing valuable customer data, making the invisible visible through an ability to integrate Wi-Fi with your ERP and CRM data.
  5. Provide a real-time engagement platform that allows you to influence behaviour & basket at the point of purchase
  6. Cross brand and upsell opportunities in-store and by each customer’s social network, increasing revenues.

What's involved?

The rise of highly advanced in-store Wi-Fi based customer engagement solutions like CROWD, have started to open up a whole new world of opportunities.  By connecting in store Wi-Fi and customer’s mobile phones, retailers can communicate with customers like never before and learn an incredible amount about their behaviour, wants and needs in the process.

CROWD provides retailers with a platform to personally engage with consumers enhancing their customer’s experience.  For instance, Retailers can give customers a real-time view of their points and rewards, thus improving loyalty sign up and they can drive relevant content & offers to specific customers, even personalising offers according to areas within each store.