How can this benefit me?

Our commitment to open systems ensures that our clients’ capital investment is always safeguarded against changes in technology.  At the same time our role as a systems integrator ensures that we are continually in a position to offer to our customers leading edge technologies that provide demonstrable benefits in terms of increased efficiency and profitability.

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  • Rugged/industrial handheld computers:  wide range of devices for even the toughest environments
  • Rugged PDA/EDA/enterprise handheld devices:  light weight, mobile computers for access to multiple enterprise applications
  • Fixed and vehicle mounted computers:  built to last and known for their durability, usually fitted to forklifts, invaluable in warehousing and distribution centres
  • Wearable terminals:  ideal for large warehousing and inventory control implementations, hands-free design maximises freedom of movement for greater productivity
  • Rugged tablets:  large form, durable and ideal for consumer-facing or retail applications, or to access technical drawings and workflow information
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How can we help?

As an independent solutions provider, Jade are vendor agnostic.  Our aim is to make the best recommendations to meet all your internal and external mobility needs. Whether your requirement is to keep your field workforce connected via the latest rugged computers and tablets to central enterprise systems or to enable your warehouse staff to track all stock movements with wearable or vehicle mounted devices… we can help you make the right choices.

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Mobile device management

Jade facilitates the remote management of all your wireless devices to ensure on-going maintenance of upgrades, security and diagnostics are done without having to incur unnecessary downtime. Our mobile device management solution allows remote device configuration. improved security over stolen and lost handhelds, automatic software updates and real-time visibility of the location and status of each device.

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