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How can we help?

At Jade, we can provide the complete RFID solution including:  low frequency/high frequency/ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags, smart labels, handheld, fixed or vehicle mounted readers, RFID antennas and printers.   Our system design, integration and implementation services and support all ensure maximum system performance.

Our wide range of scanners and printers address the needs of users in virtually every environment.  From remote rugged locations to in-house wired or wireless networks, Jade can support all your mobility and supply chain demands.

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How can this benefit me?

  • RFID – make dramatic cost savings and streamline processes by deploying RFID technology that can read hundreds of items virtually simultaneously giving you an exact view of stock, deliveries or assets
  • Barcode Scanners & Printers – with an extensive range of scanners and printers and over 20 years’ implementation expertise, our solutions address the needs of any environment to support all your mobility and supply chain needs
  • Jade Labels – Jade offer a recent innovation in self-adhesive labelling which can offer every business a quick and proven solution that when implemented reduces label waste by 50% without any hardware or process changes

The Internet of Things is a reality; it’s here to stay; and organizations (maybe even your competitors) are experiencing real benefits in many areas, not just the obvious cost saving ones.

Companies are connecting all types of equipment via mobile devices and discovering many ways to improve their day-to-day processes, practices and productivity.

Compliancy is also now a pressing requirement for a number of industrial sectors; it’s becoming an increasingly important factor for all of us; which is where tracking, traceability and connectivity can really help.

Why not call us for an exploratory discussion? Our experts are happy to chat to you about what it all means; what’s happening right now; who’s taken it on board; and how it may be able to benefit your organisation.