Professional Services

When establishing mobile computing solutions and mobile enterprise solutions, businesses need a partner, not just a supplier, to take them from A to B.

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It is the ability to deeply understand customers and their needs, that allows Jade to stand apart in its professional services offerings. The consultative team at Jade work hard to understand their clients’ businesses; their challenges and objectives, in order to marry these goals with technology to deliver solutions that satisfy.

Jade’s professional services offering is delivered in two steps: Consulting, and project management.


When problems are unique, complex and often technical, having a second pair of expert eyes can be invaluable. Providing mobile enterprise solutions to problems before they escalate means that delays are kept to a minimum and delivery remains on schedule.

Bespoke, accurate and simplified, Jade are on hand to guide businesses through the process, with its team of experienced consultants.

When it comes to the design of mobile computing solutions and mobile enterprise solutions, Jade is well versed in spotting opportunities and assessing risk, so that it can deliver the best internal communications systems, wireless networks and infrastructure solutions for every business environment.

From wireless troubleshooting and wireless planning through to full project life cycle management, Jade consultants can help business leaders to make the best decisions for their business by ensuring the right solution is chosen.

Committed to meeting the needs of their customers, Jade designs fit-for-purpose solutions for each and every customer. Jade de-risks deployment throughout each project, and gets it right, the first time, to ensure a cost-effective and customer-satisfying approach.