Whether you’re looking to invest in new in-store technology, open new locations or upgrade existing stores, Jade has a long history of managing retail IT projects to the highest of standards.

From structured cabling and in-store corporate/guest Wi-Fi to the latest in CCTV security and customer monitoring solutions, our team has the experience to ensure your projects are managed quickly, effectively and with minimal risk.

What we offer

Connect your stores 
From structured network cabling to secured Wi-Fi, we provide the knowledge, tools, equipment and installation ‘know-how’ you need to get your stores connected. Together with these backbone services, we also help you monitor your stores’ performance with our cloud-based security and people monitoring solutions.

Connect you with your customers 
Our guest Wi-Fi systems enhance your customers’ experience by providing high-speed access to the services they rely on. By encouraging shoppers (and their partners) to join your network and browse while they shop, they are proven to spend longer in store and engage with your brand in new and exciting ways.

Improve the your customer experience
Our people management and queuing solutions make it easy to manage the number of customers entering your stores and allow you significantly reduce queuing times. We offer a range of services designed to ensure your customers can enjoy a safe, efficient and enjoyable retail experience.

Rugged Handhelds

Giving your in-store and warehouse-based staff the right tools will help them perform their job quicker and more accurately. We provide and support the most reliable and rugged handheld computers available running your choice of Windows® or Android™ operating systems.

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Mobile Printers

From 1D and 2D barcodes to human-readable text, there is and always will be the need for physical labels to be applied to items. Mobile printers are designed to be either carried or regularly moved around – being battery powered and always ready to print.

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Guest Wi-Fi

Offering guest Wi-Fi access is one of simplest ways to engage with your customers in-store, providing them with high-speed access to the web, while offering you the ability to engage and market to them directly.

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Security cameras & CCTV

Using the latest in self-contained, intelligent security cameras you can now monitor your entire estate whenever and wherever you are. With all data stored securely in the cloud, accessing, searching and retrieving information has never been simpler.


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Corporate Wi-Fi

We all take the availability of Wi-Fi for granted but having access to a reliable and secure network that works across multiple floors, multiple sites or vast warehouse spaces is extremely challenging. Jade specialise in providing this level of connectivity – ensuring all your devices and equipment are connected all the time!

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Wearable devices

It might sound simple, but freeing-up both hands when working in store or in the warehouse environment can save thousands of hours in gained productivity time. From simple wrist-mounted computers to full head-mounted displays, your teams can be equipped with technology that makes their jobs simpler and more efficient.

Intelligent queuing

Minimise the amount of time your customers have to spend waiting by offering virtual queuing that be accessed in-store or using their mobile phone before they arrive.

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People Management

Record, manage and monitor the number of customers entering or leaving your stores in real-time. This information can be presented to your customer at the entrance and warnings sent to management if a maximum occupancy level is reached.


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