Rugged Mobility Services

As businesses become larger and more mobile, connectivity, communication and tracking become all the more critical to the successful operation of organisations.

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Jade is a pioneer at the edge of the enterprise. Its products, software, services, analytics and solutions are used to connect staff, assets and data intelligently. With more than three decades of industry experience, Jade designs solutions with front-line users and workplaces in mind, giving businesses the best-action guidance needed to optimise in-motion operations, and make business-critical decisions.

Rugged hardware incorporates wearable solutions, handheld computers, consumer devices and location solutions – all wrapped up by Jade into a full-service support solution.

Mobile computing

Introducing mobile devices into an organisation requires integrating all aspects of the business, making business operations easier to manage, more streamlined and more cost-effective.

While it is a large undertaking, greater control over processes makes for optimal operational efficiency. Deadlines can be set and met, and deliveries, status updates and product numbers are all available at the touch of a button. This makes life easier for staff whilst also boosting productivity.

Rugged mobility solutions are designed to be tough. Accidental damage can be eliminated using shock-proof technology, even environmental conditions like heat, dust or rain are no concern saving businesses exponentially on repairs and replacements.

By partnering with leading hardware manufacturers, Jade can offer world-class mobile devices that can address the most demanding business problems.

Jade delivers:

  • Rugged industrial handheld computers in a wide range of devices designed to operate in the toughest environments
  • Fixed and vehicle-mounted computers built to last and known for their durability, usually fitted to forklifts, invaluable in warehousing and distribution centres
  • Charging cabinets and security solutions for 24-hour shift working