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Security Cameras and CCTV

Once a stand-alone, on-premise solution purely for the recording of footage, security systems have now moved on to offer many enhanced features.

Perhaps the biggest shift has been the move from on-premise to cloud-based management and storage of data, which offers the ability for administrators to set up, configure and access data whenever and wherever they may be.

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Why you’ll love it

Data is securely stored in the cloud making it easy to monitor your estate from anywhere at any time and that CCTV footage is never vulnerable to theft or damage

The simple management interface allows you to view all angles on one screen, and the ability to scroll over any frame and see a timelapse of thumbnails means you can review hours of footage in seconds. 

Intelligent searching allows you to find clips by location, time of day, registration plate or even search for people that match a particular profile.

Official partner of Verkada

Verkada is quickly becoming the platform of choice for organisations globally as they look to move their security and access control from on-site systems to the latest in cloud-hosted, scaleable technology.

As an official partner of Verkada, our team is trained and certified on every aspect of the solution, allowing us to advise on the correct installation and give you the confidence that your investment will be in the right hands.

Cameras are available with fixed or zoom lenses and with a resolution of between 2MP and full 4K, the choice of camera used will depend on the location and distance from the subject being monitored. Each device has powerful onboard processing, which can analyse and process data locally before streaming to the cloud – providing near instant results.

How it works

  1. We survey your sites and provide a recommendation of how many and where your cameras should be located
  2. Our structured cabling team handles the installation, including any switches or Power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment required
  3. Cameras are operational immediately and you get full admin access to your cloud-based dashboard

A truly modern platform

The Verkada platform is 100% cloud-based, which means no on-site NVR or DVR equipment to install and maintain. It also means that your data is not only completely secure (and offsite) but accessible from wherever you happen to be. And, with no traditional limits to worry about (like the number of ports on the DVR), it makes the solution infinitely scaleable.

5 reasons why customers choose Jade

  1. Our structured cabling team have been installing site-wide IP-based technology for over 20 years
  2. We specialise in out of hours installation, minimising disruption to businesses
  3. We only ever provide the highest quality equipment, designed to last
  4. Depending on the fault, we offer next-day swap-out or on-site engineer services
  5. We offer an end-to-end solution with cutting edge technology that strengthens the safety and productivity of our customer’s operations

From a support point of view, the Verkada platform is great - as it's all cloud based. This allows us to quickly identify any problems and fix them in real-time. It's so much easier than having to deal with on-site equipment where we often had to involve the local IT teams.

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Ashworth, customer service team