Structured Data Cabling

Even with the huge advances in wireless technology and mobile infrastructure, structured cabling (or data cabling) is still the backbone of most businesses, especially with more and more devices being connected to the cloud and transferring increasing amounts of data. We’ve been installing, configuring and supporting complex structured cabling projects for over 20 years – and it’s often a core component in our large-scale projects.

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Before we start, we will work with you to prepare a specification, which describes the overall project and your requirements. This will include details of the installation, configuration, what equipment will be connected and typical traffic volumes – all of which will allow us to ensure we scope the project correctly. We will also get an idea at this stage of anticipated cable routing options and where any new fixed equipment will be installed.

Site survey

Site surveys allow us to properly scope your site and calculate the amount of cabling, fixtures, equipment and on-site time needed for the project, at the same time giving us the opportunity to take any relevant measurements, check access and assess and health and safety requirements.


Working with our project team, we will plan in the required number of days for installation. For many of our customers, installation takes place outside of core hours (usually over night), which minimises the impact on your business and gives our cabling team complete, unhindered access.

Termination/equipment installation

Although we can stop at cable installation, most of the time we additionally terminate all cables at both ends, install the sockets and any additional equipment (such as routers or patch panels) that may be required. Once terminates, every cable, socket and piece of equipment is fully operationally tested.

5 reasons customers choose Jade

  1. We have over 30 years experience in planning and installing structured cabling projects
  2. Our teams specialise in out-of-hour installations, minimising impact on your business
  3. We only ever supply the highest quality cabling and equipment
  4. Jade can additionally supply and install Wi-Fi, access control and CCTV/camera equipment
  5. All installations are covered by a 25-year warranty

Almost every device we work with is now internet-enabled, which puts a lot of strain on the network. We've been installing structured cabling projects for a long time and so we we've plenty of experience of getting it right and making sure there are no bottlenecks.

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Ashworth, project team