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Investing in Structured Cabling can prevent problems such as system failure and future proof your business.

By successfully combining the old with the new, this solution integrates all of your systems, making sure they are operating efficiently.

Bid farewell to the traditional point-to-point approach to solve problems faster and save money. Having one supplier reduces costs and disruption making everything more manageable. Troubleshooting is made simpler by using one system, meaning problems are easier to identify and solve.

Office moves, changes in infrastructure and additional machinery in the process can be quickly adapted to in no time at all. Networks, computers, mobiles and people all interlinked.

Jade’s award-winning Structured Cabling team can assist with new and existing infrastructure solutions. They take time to understand your company and the way it operates to ensure your needs are met and your system is performing effectively to maximise uptime. Jade offers a 25-year warranty, proving that reliability is guaranteed.

Contact Jade to discuss their finance deals and see how easy it can be to get a first class service at an unbeatable price.