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COVID-19 Workplace Solutions

With heightened anxiety around new guidelines and changing shopping behaviour, it is vital your business has the solutions it needs in-line with the latest COVID-19 regulations. With Jade’s range of unrivalled solutions, you can be assured that you are provided with the most up to date technology resulting in high customer and employee satisfaction.

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Innovative solutions to complex challenges

Encompassing the latest technology, from installation and implementation services for wireless networks, to rugged handheld and truck mounted devices and site wide print solutions as a managed service, Jade gives you complete control of the entire goods journey.

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Our logistics sales value proposition

Inefficient supply chain practices can lead to errors in the warehouse that have a direct impact on efficiency, costs and profitability. For example, incorrect location of goods, incorrect picking and shipping all add up to a typical industry cost of between £40 and £200 per incorrect item delivered.

Jade’s real time automated solution and tailored deployment process improves picking and inventory accuracy, by reducing the time to pick multiple items – and eliminates the costs of corrective activities, leading to a saving of £40 to £200 per mis-picked item.

NFT Distribution commissioned Jade to analyse their processes, then design and implement a solution based on wearable computers. This achieved improved efficiency, coupled with significant savings on device repairs, and a return on investment in just a few months.