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An email sent, a deal secured and data processed quicker than ever before.

To make sure your systems stay up to date and operate efficiently, Jade monitors them. If any issues are on the horizon they can provide updates and support. This can be done remotely so no matter the time, Jade’s team are there for you.

From experience, Jade knows that some customers want the personal touch which is why they offer bespoke settings. The team are on hand to help with everything because systems are the last thing you need to worry about. Keeping you satisfied and infrastructures supported, the seamless management of configuration is what Jade does best. Jade are continuously looking to improve your business by offering services that deliver a competitive advantage.

Once Jade’s industry-leading Wi-Fi services have been installed and are ready for use, Jade will provide the following on an ongoing basis:

  • Remote configuration
  • Custom settings to suit each customer
  • Regular industry leading updates on an ongoing basis