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Overseas meetings, employees on call and time-sensitive crises are just some circumstances where a mobile device can be essential to business operations.

Providing employees with devices gives them flexibility and you reassurance that a deal, update or a problem solved, is a phone call away.

Peace of mind, guaranteed. With increasing importance being placed on data protection, a company owned consumer device is the best option. Extra layers of security can be added so that if an employee leaves, your data stays.

Multiple devices mean multiple savings. With competitively low prices not offered by mainstream providers, Jade gives you a cost-effective solution that offers value for both employee and employer.

Jade gives employers a choice of mobile solution suited to their needs. Whether security, cost or improved efficiency be the key objective.

The Jade solution is online, and allows you to:

  • Select your device
  • Build your tailored service solution – Jade is proud to deliver some very unique services that manage the total cost of ownership over the life of your mobile contract
  • Add insurance services – ideal for clients that have staff all over the UK & IRL