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Manufacturing equipment, computer software and IT infrastructures are examples of high volume, valuable assets that need updating on an ongoing basis.

This can be difficult when many assets are split across different departments and multiple sites. Tracking down these counterparts and understanding if they are functional is crucial as any miscalculations can be financially costly.

By carrying out effective asset management, a business can gain insights into the lifespan of an asset to ensure it is maintained, upgraded and disposed of if it becomes obsolete. Business leaders can then review this data to make critical business decisions. Upgrades, downgrades or the subsequent selling of equipment can be decided on to impact positively on the balance sheet.

Jade’s service management team has countless years of experience in this area and can work with you to audit current operations. Each register is tailored to your business, tracking where all your assets are, including those no longer in use. Serial numbers can be attached to each item to enable easy future identification.

Jade promises to meet the needs of its customers through the:

  • Maintenance of an asset register
  • Tracing the location of all devices
  • Maintaining and tracking issues related to all devices
  • Comprehensive buffer stock management