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Service reviews are used to gain an understanding of your business aims and look to bridge any gaps by identifying improvements in the current offering.

This ongoing journey will help leaders align business goals with current outputs. Changes can be internal such as a change in process or infrastructure or external from analysing the industry and competition. Learnings can then be shared and actions taken. One thing is consistent – progression.

Jade becomes an extension of your team. They provide updates every week, month and quarter so that you know the status of your operations. With regular systematic service reviews, Jade is on hand to help with changes, addressing any potential issues and formulating a plan to generate additional income. Jade’s experienced service management team will guide you through the service review process, answering any questions or concerns.

All of the following are included in Jade’s service review function:

  • Weekly ticket monitoring
  • Monthly client report service
  • Quarterly asset reviews
  • Industry trend analysis
  • Ongoing incident type tracking to identify developing trends