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Complete control guaranteed. Unlike normal Wi-Fi services, Guest Wi-Fi restricts the users’ access so that what they see, is what you give them. A fast, secure, uninterrupted connection that keeps them and you up to date.

Jade’s Guest Wi-Fi service offering gives business owners the analytics they need, from how long consumers spend in-store to how often they visit. This data can help to improve customer experience and create a bespoke service. Reward loyalty, share a promotion or start a conversation. This service is intelligent and insight driven.

  • Help meet your customers’ needs by connecting with them via engaging, tailored content on their mobile devices
  • Real-time personalised promotional communication
  • Potential access to customer social media contacts, offering greater brand reach and visibility
  • Opportunities to maintain communication and visibility when a customer is off-site
  • Gain a sharper understanding of your customers through data analysis

Empowering your staff and shoppers through an improved in-store experience.

The retail market is highly competitive, so how can technology deliver you an advantage?

To meet the expectations of customers, traditional high street and shopping centre-based businesses need to adapt and enhance their in-store experiences. By utilising Jade’s tailored solutions, retailers can maximise valuable opportunities.