Wi-Fi Services

We live in a connected world, and no business today will be forgiven by their customers or staff for failing to provide Wi-Fi. Implementing Wi-Fi solutions is not only about giving customers and staff internet access, but these solutions can also be leveraged to gain valuable customer insights which can aid in planning and service offering development, as well as promotion.

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Guest Wi-Fi

Unlike normal Wi-Fi services, guest Wi-Fi restricts the user’s access so that what they see, is what you give them. Businesses have complete control, guaranteed, while users enjoy a fast, secure, uninterrupted connection that keeps them and you up to date.

Jade’s Guest Wi-Fi service offering gives business owners the analytics they need, including how long consumers spend in-store and how often they visit. This data can help to improve the customer experience and create a bespoke service to meet the unique demands of any company’s customers.

This service is intelligent and insight driven, allowing organisations to connect their customers with engaging, tailored content, pushed right to their mobile devices. Businesses can serve real-time, personalised promotional communication. Solutions can be designed to gain access to customers social media contacts, offering greater brand reach and visibility, as well as opportunities to maintain communication and visibility, even when the customer is off-site.

Corporate Wi-Fi

Corporate Wi-Fi is essential to enhance the productivity of meetings, presentations, planning workshops, budget reviews and all other interactions, whether in person or virtual. Jade’s solutions are designed bespoke to suit client needs, and they offer easy to manage interfaces which reduce time spent on maintenance. The result is a tailor-made hassle-free solution with data protection, high-performance and office-wide coverage guaranteed.

Jade offer:

  • Standard LAN infrastructure
  • Carpeted environment capability
  • Service capability for any office environment
  • Full services including design and deployment