A fully managed service from £8.00 per week?
Why wouldn’t you say yes to an amazing offer that provides maximum service availability, minimum hardware downtime and total convenience.

A rugged tablet designed to last for years, the ET50 marries the best of consumer-styling with all the enterprise-class features you need to increase workforce productivity, with a real business class return on your investment.

Your workers get the elegant personal tablet styling they want, while you get a rugged tablet designed to last for years, exceptional battery power, enterprise-class first-time every time rapid data capture from 1D and 2D barcodes, photos and NFC tags, plus enterprise-class security for your data and centralised manageability.

Our complete service package deal includes:

  Next day delivery of fully-configured replacement
   Gold build management
  Asset tracking
  Change control management and advice
  RMA/break fix management of failed equipment
  Complete incident management
  Trend analysis
  Monthly reporting
  Quarterly review
  An appointed support representative to manage client issues
  Complete site attendances, as required
  Root cause analysis
  Resolution tracking

* ET50 offer is £8.00 per week per device with all the services and staging included based on a three year deal. ET50 – model number: ET50PT-G15E-00A6. Offer is based on 4000 devices and the contract period is 3 years.